Stop Drop & Dance (SD&D)  creates opportunity for youth and young adults to express themselves positively through dance and music.   We are to dedicated to allowing access to urban and cultural dance events and educational workshops to urban cities. We have created a platform to host premier events to showcase local, national, & international artists. SD&D education component provides the opportunity to allow professional artist to come teach workshops and introduce dance and cultural to youth and young adults.


SD&D uses Arts education to empower and build self-esteem, discipline, creativity and self-confidence. This refers to character education, a by-product of training in the arts. These principles will become a part of each student whether they pursue a professional career or not. 


Our goal is to  preserve the cultural and social impact of the positive element that dance creates.

The Camden, We Choose is a collaborative effort involving several local non-profit and for-profit organizations that impact decision-making processes and public policies, improving the quality of life in our local community. The collaboration is aligned with and expands CAMDEN, WECHOOSE’s mission to increase community involvement and communication, reduce violence, and promote education throughout the city of Camden. CAMDEN, WECHOOSE has partnered with 20 local organizations that will provide services and volunteers. We believe that teaching the children about themselves while instilling the discipline it takes to study a craft in the performing arts help to create a more positive environment.

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